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Legend :: Trailer Music Info





Release Date:
May 28, 2008

Total Tracks: 77

Total Lenght: 2:48:03

Track Title
1Freedom Fighters  Thomas Bergersen02:28
2Asimov  Nick Phoenix02:12
3Hypnotica  Thomas Bergersen02:09
4Destiny of Mankind  Troels Brun Folmann02:00
5Call To Arms  Thomas Bergersen00:56
6Goddysey  Nick Phoenix02:25
7Protectors of the Earth  Thomas Bergersen02:50
8A.S.A.P.  Nick Phoenix02:00
9Down with the Enterprise  Nick Phoenix02:57
10Smell of Victory  Thomas Bergersen01:53
11Never Forget  Troels Brun Folmann02:00
12Forces of Destiny  Troels Brun Folmann02:27
13Rising Force  Nick Phoenix01:53
14Divine Intervention  Thomas Bergersen02:09
15Crusaders  Thomas Bergersen01:57
16Infinite Legends  Nick Phoenix02:03
17Fields of Blood  Thomas Bergersen02:14
18White Witch  Nick Phoenix02:43
19Fateful Night  Thomas Bergersen01:45
20Dreams of the Dead  Nick Phoenix01:56
Track Title
1Fill My HeartNick Phoenix02:24
2Undying LoveThomas Bergersen02:30
3Moonlight ArmiesTroels Brun Folmann02:51
4Heart of CourageThomas Bergersen01:57
5CalamityThomas Bergersen01:40
6Calamity (Remix)Thomas Bergersen01:49
7Day Becomes NightNick Phoenix02:20
8Perchance to DreamThomas Bergersen01:59
9EquusTroels Brun Folmann02:37
10The CrossingTroels Brun Folmann02:07
11Adventure of a Lifetime  Thomas Bergersen01:09
12FalloutThomas Bergersen02:30
13Red CarpetsThomas Bergersen00:59
14Perilous JourneyThomas Bergersen02:10
15VoyagerThomas Bergersen01:13
16Shadows of BeautyNick Phoenix02:30
17Legions of FaithNick Phoenix02:41
Track Title
1Adventure of a Lifetime (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen01:09
2A.S.A.P. (No Choir)Nick Phoenix02:28
3A.S.A.P. (Voice)Nick Phoenix02:28
4A.S.A.P. (Voice) (Choir)Nick Phoenix02:26
5Asimov (No Choir)Nick Phoenix02:12
6Calamity (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen01:41
7Calamity (Strings Only)Thomas Bergersen01:41
8Call to Arms (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen00:57
9Crusaders (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen01:57
10Day Becomes Night (No Choir)N/A02:19
11Destiny of Mankind (No Choir)Troels Brun Folmann01:51
12Divine Intervention (No Brass) (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen02:10
13Divine Intervention (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen02:10
14Down With The Enterprise (No Choir)Nick Phoenix02:57
15Dreams of the Dead (No Choir)Nick Phoenix01:56
16Equus (No Choir)N/A02:36
17Equus (No Snare) (Choir)N/A02:36
18Equus (No Snare) (No Choir)N/A02:37
19Fields of Blood (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen02:39
20Fill My Heart (No Choir)Nick Phoenix02:23
21Forces of Destiny (No Choir)N/A02:29
22Freedom Fighters (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen02:29
23Goddysey (No Choir)Nick Phoenix02:28
24Heart of Courage (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen01:58
25Hypnotica (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen02:09
26Infinite legends (No Choir)Nick Phoenix02:02
27Legions of Faith (No Choir)Nick Phoenix02:40
28Moonlight Armies (No Choir)N/A02:49
29Never Forget (No Choir)N/A02:25
30Never Forget (Voice)N/A02:19
31Never Forget (Voice) (Choir)N/A02:19
32Perchance to Dream (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen02:00
33Protectors of the Earth (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen02:51
34Red Carpets (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen01:00
35Rising Force (No Choir)Nick Phoenix01:51
36Shadows of Beauty (No Choir)Nick Phoenix02:30
37The Crossing (No Choir)N/A02:03
38Undying Love (Choir) (Extended)Thomas Bergersen02:53
39Undying Love (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen02:30
40White Witch (No Choir)Nick Phoenix02:42