Release Date:
July 12, 2010

Total Tracks: 33

Total Lenght: 1:27:39

Track Title
1Could've Been  Thomas Bergersen03:44
2I Love You Forever  Thomas Bergersen04:00
3Ulthuan  Thomas Bergersen01:32
4Corruption  Thomas Bergersen03:01
5Organic Multiplication  Thomas Bergersen02:15
6Lost In Las Vegas  Thomas Bergersen10:10
7Rapture  Nick Phoenix01:14
8Down  Thomas Bergersen02:47
9Global Waste  Thomas Bergersen03:30
10Timelapse  Thomas Bergersen02:04
11Hot Cargo  Thomas Bergersen02:00
12R.E.M.  Thomas Bergersen01:27
13Love Suspended  Thomas Bergersen03:25
14Shipwrecked  Thomas Bergersen02:06
15Morningstar  Thomas Bergersen00:59
16Missing Letters  Nick Phoenix02:31
17She Sees The Future  Thomas Bergersen01:46
18A Hole In The Sun  Thomas Bergersen03:34
19Threnody  Thomas Bergersen01:19
20Painted World  Thomas Bergersen01:33
21Sidyana  Thomas Bergersen04:22
22Enigma  Thomas Bergersen03:08
23Paper Planes  Thomas Bergersen01:15
24Shaken, Not Stirred  Thomas Bergersen03:20
25Science  Thomas Bergersen02:05
26Prelude To A Nightmare  Nick Phoenix03:23
27You Walk This Earth Alone  Thomas Bergersen01:58
28Cloud Maker  Thomas Bergersen02:31
29Walking On Air  Thomas Bergersen02:32
30You Will Count Your Dead  Thomas Bergersen02:54
31The Frail  Thomas Bergersen01:25
32Bourne In The Future  Thomas Bergersen01:33
33Eyes Closing  Thomas Bergersen02:16