Release Date:
October, 2010

Total Tracks: 40

Total Lenght: 52:42

Track Title
1Lullaby of Lost SoulsGunnar Schwant1:24
2Angels & DevilsChris Haigh1:40
3Nemesis RisingChris Haigh1:48
4StormbringerChris Haigh1:44
5City Of EvilChris Haigh1:42
6Dark OmenChris Haigh1:32
7Demon HunterGunnar Schwant1:22
8Gothic IncarnationGunnar Schwant1:28
9Dark AngelsChris O'Brien2:06
10OstrogothsChris O'Brien1:46
11Vampire SlayerChris O'Brien1:40
12Avengers of DeathChris O'Brien1:50
13Deja VuChris O'Brien1:58
14Giant KillerChris O'Brien1:36
15Soul SuckerChris O'Brien1:32
16Bionic WomanChris O'Brien1:44
17Kiss of DeathChris O'Brien2:06
18Drag Me to HellChris O'Brien1:48
19Dead RingerTaylor Long1:16
20Grim SleeperTaylor Long0:58
21Flesh EatersDavid James Wainwright, Jode Steele1:24
22Iron BeastDavid James Wainwright, Jode Steele0:52
23Shock TherapyDavid James Wainwright, Jode Steele1:12
24Fear HuntTaylor Long1:18
25Last DaysTaylor Long1:02
26Hunted DownDavid James Wainwright, Jode Steele1:04
27Under PressureTaylor Long1:10
28Voodoo HexDavid James Wainwright, Jode Steele1:02
29PreyDavid James Wainwright, Jode Steele0:36
30Buried AliveTaylor Long1:04
31UndeadTaylor Long1:10
32Dawn ComesTaylor Long1:22
33ExecutionerDavid James Wainwright, Jode Steele1:10
34BloodbathDavid James Wainwright, Jode Steele0:54
35March of the DeadDavid James Wainwright, Jode Steele1:16
36Trail of BloodDavid James Wainwright, Jode Steele0:58
37Acid RainChris O'Brien0:29
38Tortured SoulsChris O'Brien0:33
39Ghost ShipChris O'Brien0:33
40Hell FactoryChris O'Brien0:33