Epic and Rock – Vol. 7

Epic and Rock - Vol. 7



Release Date:

Total Tracks: 35

Total Lenght: 1:10:54

Track Title
1Alpha and OmegaRyan Amon02:22
2Alpha and Omega (No Choir)Ryan Amon02:22
3HeadhunterMark Petrie02:00
4Headhunter (No Choir)Mark Petrie02:00
5Immortal ArmyMike Dicillo01:54
6Immortal Army (No Choir)Mike Dicillo01:54
7SinaiRyan Amon01:50
8Sinai (No Choir)Ryan Amon01:50
9Prototype XRyan Amon02:03
10Prototype X (No Choir)Ryan Amon02:03
11FuryJonathan Geer02:13
12Fury (No Choir)Jonathan Geer02:13
13CircumnavigationMark Petrie02:13
14Circumnavigation (No Choir)Mark Petrie02:13
15Hold the LineRyan Amon01:39
16Hold the Line (No Choir)Ryan Amon01:39
17One Last BreathRyan Amon02:25
18One Last Breath (No Choir)Ryan Amon02:25
19ReckoningMark Petrie02:04
20Reckoning (No Choir)Mark Petrie02:04
21Walking Through FireRyan Amon02:07
22Walking Through Fire (No Choir)Ryan Amon02:07
23LeviathanGina Brigida01:47
24Leviathan (No Choir)Gina Brigida01:47
25Raise HellMike Dicillo02:16
26Raise Hell (No Synth)Mike Dicillo02:16
27East of ParadiseRyan Amon01:56
28East of Paradise (No Choir)Ryan Amon01:56
29Ultimate PursuitMark Petrie01:51
30Ultimate Pursuit (No Choir)Mark Petrie01:51
31Rising of the CovenantRyan Amon02:14
32Rising of the Covenant (No Choir)Ryan Amon02:14
33Sword of the KingRyan Amon01:42
34Sword of the King (No Choir)Ryan Amon01:42
35VigilantesRyan Amon01:42