Editors Toolkit 2 – Hits and Rises

Editors Toolkit 2 - Hits and Rises


Release Date:

Total Tracks: 38

Total Lenght: 08:19

Track Title
1Hit 1Armen Hambar00:04
2Hit 2Armen Hambar00:06
3Hit 3Armen Hambar00:09
4Hit 4Armen Hambar00:10
5Hit 5Armen Hambar00:04
6Hit 6Armen Hambar00:07
7Hit 7Armen Hambar00:09
8Hit 8Armen Hambar00:14
9Hit 9Armen Hambar00:07
10Hit 10Armen Hambar00:04
11Hit 11Armen Hambar00:06
12Hit 12Armen Hambar00:15
13Hit 13Armen Hambar00:11
14Hit 14Armen Hambar00:09
15Metal Hit 1Armen Hambar00:07
16Metal Hit 2Armen Hambar00:07
17Metal Hit 3Armen Hambar00:11
18Metal Hit 4Armen Hambar00:11
19Shot GunArmen Hambar00:07
20TerrorArmen Hambar00:11
21TwistedArmen Hambar00:10
22Eerie Rise HitArmen Hambar00:15
23Orchestral Swish-hit 1Armen Hambar00:10
24Orchestral Swish-hit 2Armen Hambar00:08
25EerieArmen Hambar00:10
26OminousArmen Hambar00:10
27ShockerArmen Hambar00:19
28DoomedArmen Hambar00:22
29SuspenseArmen Hambar00:23
30GotchaArmen Hambar00:30
31CaughtArmen Hambar00:11
32Mega RiseArmen Hambar00:52
33Orchestra RiseArmen Hambar00:35
34Orchestra Choir RiseArmen Hambar00:28
35Orchestral Finale HitArmen Hambar00:13
36Right Behind YouArmen Hambar00:20
37Rock RiseArmen Hambar00:09
38Psycho DrumsArmen Hambar00:05