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Dynasty :: Trailer Music Info





Release Date:
February 28, 2007

Total Tracks: 99

Total Lenght: 3:17:44

Track Title
1ArmadaThomas Bergersen03:03
2DynastyNick Phoenix02:00
3ElementumThomas Bergersen02:40
41000 Ships of the UnderworldNick Phoenix01:40
5TyrianisThomas Bergersen02:57
6BleedingNick Phoenix01:46
7Fight The DarknessNick Phoenix02:48
8Heaven & EarthThomas Bergersen02:17
9Blast The GatesThomas Bergersen01:19
10Breath Of Ran GorNick Phoenix01:59
11King's LegionThomas Bergersen01:31
12CavaliereNick Phoenix01:26
13FlameheartThomas Bergersen01:42
14Demon RiderNick Phoenix01:29
15Dragon RiderThomas Bergersen01:53
16Spirit Of ChampionsThomas Bergersen03:00
17ThermopolisNick Phoenix02:14
18Black AssassinThomas Bergersen02:20
19ConquerorsNick Phoenix01:45
20Blade FighterNick Phoenix02:02
21The Vendetta ConspiracyThomas Bergersen01:36
22SentiusNick Phoenix01:47
23Chariots Of BloodThomas Bergersen01:52
24ChopperheadThomas Bergersen02:04
25False Flag OpNick Phoenix02:20
26PaxNick Phoenix02:11
Track Title
1House Of FireNick Phoenix02:35
2BreakingNick Phoenix01:56
3RacketeersNick Phoenix01:12
4Kingdom SkiesThomas Bergersen02:28
5One Against AllNick Phoenix02:10
6TimebombThomas Bergersen02:18
7Instruments Of WarThomas Bergersen01:10
8Web Of LiesThomas Bergersen02:16
9The Brave & MightyThomas Bergersen01:04
10Deep VoyageThomas Bergersen01:50
11Glory & HonorThomas Bergersen02:21
12Red ArmyThomas Bergersen01:58
13Diplomatic ImmunityNick Phoenix02:39
14Coup D'EtatNick Phoenix01:37
15MagikaThomas Bergersen01:56
16The Fly From ChinaNick Phoenix01:56
17Never WinterNick Phoenix01:31
18OceanNick Phoenix02:30
19HeroNick Phoenix02:33
20The Truth Unravels IIThomas Bergersen02:16
21Love & LossThomas Bergersen01:54
22Sun GoddessThomas Bergersen00:51
23ProcessionThomas Bergersen01:59
24Zen KillerNick Phoenix01:47
25EpilogueThomas Bergersen02:14
Track Title
11000 Ships of the Underworld (Alternate Ending)Nick Phoenix00:45
21000 Ships of the Underworld (Alternate Ending) (No Choir)Nick Phoenix00:47
31000 Ships of the Underworld (No Choir)Nick Phoenix01:38
4Armada (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen03:01
5Black Assassin (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen02:22
6Blade Fighter (No Choir)Nick Phoenix02:02
7Blast the Gates (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen01:19
8Bleeding (No Choir)Nick Phoenix01:47
9Breaking (No Choir)Nick Phoenix01:57
10Breath Of Ran Gor (No Choir)Nick Phoenix01:59
11Cavaliere (No Choir)Nick Phoenix01:26
12Chariots of Blood (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen01:52
13Chariots of Blood (Rock)Thomas Bergersen01:52
14Chariots Of Blood (Alt)Thomas Bergersen01:52
15Chopperhead (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen02:03
16Conquerors (No Choir)Nick Phoenix01:44
17Demon Rider (No Choir)Nick Phoenix01:29
18Dragon Rider (Beat Only)Thomas Bergersen01:54
19Dynasty (No Choir)Nick Phoenix01:59
20Dynasty (Solo Vocal)Nick Phoenix02:00
21Elementum (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen02:43
22False Flag Op (No Choir)Nick Phoenix02:20
23Fight The Darkness (No Choir)Nick Phoenix02:48
24Flameheart (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen01:42
25Hero (No Choir)Nick Phoenix02:36
26House of Fire (No Choir)Nick Phoenix02:36
27Instruments of War (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen01:26
28King's Legion (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen01:31
29Love & Loss (No Synth)Thomas Bergersen01:56
30Magika (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen01:59
31Never Winter (No Choir)Nick Phoenix01:31
32Ocean (No Choir)Nick Phoenix02:33
33One Against All (No Choir)Nick Phoenix02:10
34Pax (No Choir)Nick Phoenix02:12
35Procession (No Drums)Thomas Bergersen02:00
36Racketeers (Rock)Nick Phoenix01:13
37Red Army (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen01:57
38Sentius (No Choir)Nick Phoenix03:00
39Sentius (Remix)Nick Phoenix01:05
40Sentius (Remix) (No Choir)Nick Phoenix01:05
41Spirit of Champions (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen03:00
42The Truth Unravels II (Alt)Thomas Bergersen02:03
43The Vendetta Conspiracy (Alt)Thomas Bergersen01:36
44Thermopolis (No Choir)Nick Phoenix02:15
45Timebomb (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen02:19
46Timebomb (Beat Only)Thomas Bergersen02:26
47Tyrianis (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen02:56
48Web of Lies (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen02:16