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Dreams & Imaginations :: Trailer Music Info

Dreams & Imaginations

Dreams & Imaginations



Release Date:

Total Tracks: 105

Total Lenght: 3:21:20

Track Title
1Secrets of the Mind  Thomas Bergersen02:26
2Color The Sky  Thomas Bergersen02:36
3Transfiguration  Thomas Bergersen02:35
4Fortress of Seduction  Nick Phoenix02:21
5Moving Shadows  Thomas Bergersen01:40
6Through Devil's Eyes  Thomas Bergersen01:58
7Hello World  Thomas Bergersen02:59
8Parfait Amour  Thomas Bergersen03:18
9Hold Me  Nick Phoenix01:49
10Aurora Boralis  Thomas Bergersen01:47
11Sun Gazer  Thomas Bergersen01:41
12Wings  Thomas Bergersen01:18
13Gentle Breeze  Thomas Bergersen01:43
14Nepal In May  Nick Phoenix02:19
15Mind Tricks  Thomas Bergersen01:59
16Scent of a Woman  Thomas Bergersen01:28
17Flying  Thomas Bergersen01:04
18Fate of the Deserted  Thomas Bergersen02:19
19African Sunset  Thomas Bergersen02:39
20Rapid Eye Movement  Thomas Bergersen01:04
21Peace of Mind  Thomas Bergersen01:56
22Elysium  Nick Phoenix01:13
23Water Reflections  Thomas Bergersen01:41
24Bed of Roses  Thomas Bergersen01:07
25Lux Aeterna  Thomas Bergersen03:26
26Lonesome Dove  Thomas Bergersen02:20
27Solitude  Thomas Bergersen01:45
28Weightless  Thomas Bergersen01:56
29Mercy in Darkness  Nick Phoenix01:15
30Wake of Desolation  Thomas Bergersen00:51
31Entombed  Thomas Bergersen01:21
32I See the Future  Thomas Bergersen00:54
33Moonshine  Thomas Bergersen02:02
34Allure  Thomas Bergersen00:45
35Hidden Beauty  Thomas Bergersen01:13
36Forsaken  Thomas Bergersen01:11
37New Dawn  Thomas Bergersen00:55
Track Title
1Celebrate Life  Thomas Bergersen01:58
2Earthgirl  Thomas Bergersen01:35
3Northern Pastures  Thomas Bergersen02:13
4A Small Step for Mankind  Thomas Bergersen02:01
5Eria  Thomas Bergersen02:39
6Tears  Thomas Bergersen00:55
7Sleepless  Thomas Bergersen01:49
8Into Unknown Space  Thomas Bergersen01:37
9Forever In My Dreams  Thomas Bergersen02:04
10Sweet May  Thomas Bergersen02:53
11Elven Princess  Nick Phoenix01:02
12Great Spirits  Thomas Bergersen02:25
13Remembrance  Thomas Bergersen01:49
14Setting Sail  Thomas Bergersen01:27
15Drifting Thoughts  Thomas Bergersen00:38
16Touched By Her Hand  Thomas Bergersen01:39
17Ancient Cities  Thomas Bergersen01:29
18Frozen Moment  Thomas Bergersen02:16
19Life Is Beautiful  Thomas Bergersen00:34
20Meant To Be  Thomas Bergersen03:00
21From The Heart Of Paris  Thomas Bergersen01:16
22Reset Life  Thomas Bergersen01:13
23A Thousand Miles Apart  Thomas Bergersen01:02
24Blink Of An Eye (A)  Nick Phoenix01:55
25Blink Of An Eye (B)  Nick Phoenix01:55
26Missed You  Thomas Bergersen01:29
27Painted By Numbers  Thomas Bergersen01:31
28Goodbye For Now  Thomas Bergersen03:18
29Memories  Thomas Bergersen03:59
30Dreams & Imaginations  Thomas Bergersen05:12
31It Tells A Story  Thomas Bergersen01:48
32El Mexicano  Thomas Bergersen03:52
33Once Upon A Time  Thomas Bergersen05:53
34It's The Season For Love  Thomas Bergersen01:21
35Forgotten Realms  Thomas Bergersen04:12
Track Title
1Clair Voyant  Thomas Bergersen02:07
2Deep Seeded  Nick Phoenix01:35
3River Of Tears  Thomas Bergersen01:37
4Broken Hearts  Thomas Bergersen01:05
5A Hero's Return  Thomas Bergersen01:52
6Another Life  Thomas Bergersen01:26
7Forgotten September  Thomas Bergersen02:43
8Lament For The Lonely  Thomas Bergersen01:53
9Chill Of The Night  Thomas Bergersen00:46
10Silent Prayer  Thomas Bergersen01:40
11Torches  Thomas Bergersen01:17
12Supression  Nick Phoenix01:48
13Endless Night  Thomas Bergersen02:36
14Susanna's Mourning  Thomas Bergersen01:04
15Falling  Thomas Bergersen00:45
16Snowfall  Thomas Bergersen01:01
17Perfect Assassination  Thomas Bergersen02:45
18Hell's Gate  Thomas Bergersen01:46
19Electric People  Thomas Bergersen01:41
20Mulholland Drive  Thomas Bergersen02:22
21Mio Rio  Nick Phoenix01:53
22Intoxication  Thomas Bergersen03:36
23Visions  Thomas Bergersen00:59
24Mmm Chicken!  Thomas Bergersen01:12
25Possessed Gramophone  Thomas Bergersen00:48
26Behold Atlantis  Nick Phoenix03:01
Track Title
1Secrets Of The Mind (No Vocals)Thomas Bergersen02:26
2Through Devil's Eyes (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen01:58
3Bed Of Roses (No Vocals)Thomas Bergersen01:07
4It Tells A Story (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen01:48
5It's The Season For Love (No Choir)Thomas Bergersen01:21
6Forgotten September (b)Thomas Bergersen02:43
7Hell's Gate (No Vocals)Thomas Bergersen01:46