Track Title
1Fire Rages ThroughAustin Noble01:22
2Its OnEric Palmer00:56
3Locked In Locked OnAustin Noble00:50
4Fire DanceBenjamin Nils Kopec00:45
5Rabid BunniesEric Palmer00:56
6Barbarians at the GateEdouard Brenneisen00:44
7MomentusEric Palmer00:39
8From the Ashes RiseMatthew Welch00:48
9Fire BreatherJimmy Ferrufino00:48
10CoalitionFrederic Dubois00:52
11Under SeigeFrederic Dubois00:50
12IncinerationBenjamin Nils Kopec00:38
13Tension in the AirMatthew Welch01:04
14Death RaceDavid James Wainwrigh, Jode Steele00:51
15Endangered EmpireBenjamin Nils Kopec00:44
16Shock TacticsAustin Noble00:59
17War LordsEdouard Brenneisen00:45
18AnnihilateDavid James Wainwrigh, Jode Steele00:56
19They ComeEric Palmer00:46
20The SearchScott Hammons00:51
21Cyber InvasionSam Wale, Charles Hedger00:37
22Slowmotion StampedeFrank Pels01:09
23Devils BiteEdd Charmant00:44
24March to the StageSam Wale, Charles Hedger00:45
25BedouinMatthew Welch01:06
26Distant ThunderTom Fortune Benskin Green01:02
27Baghdad ChaseTom Fortune Benskin Green00:43
28Dreaded TurmoilBenjamin Nils Kopec00:42
29Fight to SurviveFrederic Dubois00:51
30Tribal ArmyTom Fortune Benskin Green01:07
31Judgement Day BeckonsLeon Ashley Butler00:52
32Rise of the NephilimAustin Noble00:37
33Iron WallsJimmy Ferrufino00:52
34Knight RaceWilliam Forbes01:17
35A Nation DividedJames Bennett00:39
36Impossible EscapeJimmy Ferrufino00:58
37Killing FieldsBenjamin Nils Kopec00:35
38No Looking BackTimothy Mulholland00:31
39Urgent BackupMichael Kruk00:33