Epic Fantasy

Track Title
1ImmortalsDan Graham (Popplewell)01:51
2The Persian VictoryBenson Taylor02:37
3Charge Of HeroesChris Haigh01:37
4The ChosenKyle Robertson02:20
5The Ancient CallJochen Flach02:55
6RiseThomas Gregory Player02:08
7Lost HappinessStephen Lemaire01:50
8Last Stand Of The Fallen KingKavin Hoo02:06
9DaedelothAlex Pfeffer02:37
10Call Of DestinyJeff Broadbent01:54
11Final EncounterAlex Pfeffer02:19
12Tears Of A BeastDan Graham (Popplewell)02:14
13The Age Of GloryBenson Taylor02:07