Brand X Music Pop, Rock & Urban – Vol. 3

Brand X Music Pop, Rock & Urban - Vol. 3



Release Date:

Total Tracks: 25

Total Lenght: 44:31

Track Title
1TechnicolorChris Garcia01:39
2Head in the CloudsChris Garcia01:54
3Head in the Clouds No VoxChris Garcia01:54
4Head in the Clouds Alt BanjoChris Garcia01:48
5Summer VacationChris Garcia02:10
6Too Good to SleepChris Garcia01:24
7Future ShockChris Garcia01:55
8Crazy LoveChris Garcia01:55
9Crazy Love NoVoxChris Garcia01:55
10Dark Glory Alt GuitarChris Garcia02:23
11Dark Glory Alt PianoChris Garcia02:09
12Moment of TruthChris Garcia01:51
13NovocaineChris Garcia01:15
14Secret RomanceChris Garcia01:34
15Ray of LightChris Garcia01:27
16Hidden IntentChris Garcia01:29
17Ace in the HoleChris Garcia01:24
18Big BelieverChris Garcia01:28
19Love RevolutionChris Garcia02:54
20True RomanceChris Garcia01:44
21True Romance No VoxChris Garcia01:44
22Rain on MeChris Garcia01:55
23Silver LiningChris Garcia01:25
24Simple TruthChris Garcia01:19
25Body DoubleChris Garcia01:56