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Brain Warp – Sound Design Trailer Tools :: Trailer Music Info

Brain Warp – Sound Design Trailer Tools

Brain Warp - Sound Design Trailer Tools



Release Date:

Total Tracks: 85

Total Lenght: 41:47

Track Title
1Search And DestroyChris Haigh01:05
2Disturbing DissonanceDaniel Thomas Byers00:58
3Sick CityMatthew Welch01:27
4Beast Among USChris Haigh01:11
5Distorted DreamsChris Haigh01:20
6They InvadeChris Haigh01:13
7World Of SinChris Haigh01:18
8Bad TripDaniel Thomas Byers02:40
9Nuclear FalloutChris Haigh01:06
10Enter DisturbiaChris Haigh01:22
11Devil's BreathChris Haigh01:15
12It FeedsChris Haigh01:09
13The StalkerMatthew Welch01:12
14Subterranean RumblingsLincoln Jaeger01:22
15Devil Plays The FluteMatthew Welch01:12
16They Are ComingLincoln Jaeger01:01
17Death SwarmChris Haigh00:59
18Evil Blows InMatthew Welch01:16
19Dark HeartMatthew Welch01:11
20Mind GrinderChris Haigh00:27
21Twisted NeurosisChris Haigh00:22
22Wield The AxeMatthew Welch00:33
23ThrobMatthew Welch00:45
24Chemical BurnChris Haigh00:30
25Toxic UprisingChris Haigh00:26
26Power UpWayne Dineley00:13
27Vicious EscalationChris Haigh00:22
28Brain ShredderChris Haigh00:21
29Machine ResurrectionChris Haigh00:23
30SweepermanWayne Dineley00:15
31Noise AttackDaniel Thomas Byers00:16
32Alarming LeapWayne Dineley00:15
33SpinnerWayne Dineley00:17
34Emergency ImpactDaniel Thomas Byers00:11
35Rising Pulse AttackChris Haigh00:20
36Ascent To MadnessChris Haigh00:30
37Fractured SuspenseDaniel Thomas Byers00:38
38Death ItchMatthew Welch00:27
39Hell RiserDaniel Thomas Byers00:41
40Awake The DeadChris Haigh00:24
41Be Still My Beating HeartLincoln Jaeger00:46
42Cinematic TensionDaniel Thomas Byers00:42
43Steal The LifeMatthew Welch00:14
44Feed Your InsanityLincoln Jaeger00:46
45Cool Droid WhackDaniel Thomas Byers00:04
46Suck The LifeMatthew Welch00:15
47Bass Drop SlamChris Haigh00:07
48Overwhelming Beast SlamDaniel Thomas Byers00:09
49NukeMatthew Welch00:14
50Anxious DropDaniel Thomas Byers00:10
51Grounded StompWayne Dineley00:08
52Blast Radius SmashChris Haigh00:08
53Skull SmashChris Haigh00:05
54Acid BoomDaniel Thomas Byers00:08
55High Ball BooshDaniel Thomas Byers00:09
56Never Ending FallDaniel Thomas Byers00:09
57Granular Impact SmashDaniel Thomas Byers00:10
58Titans SlamLincoln Jaeger00:09
59Head CaseDaniel Thomas Byers00:05
60Noise Rip ImpactDaniel Thomas Byers00:10
61Sharp ShockDaniel Thomas Byers00:09
62Sucker PunchDaniel Thomas Byers00:08
63Head Case SweepDaniel Thomas Byers00:09
64Night TerrorDaniel Thomas Byers00:10
65Death SlamChris Haigh00:07
66Epic DamageDaniel Thomas Byers00:09
67Night Terror AttackDaniel Thomas Byers00:10
68Twisted SunDaniel Thomas Byers00:08
69Gut PuncherMatthew Welch00:15
70Empty SpaceDaniel Thomas Byers00:08
71Warped MachineDaniel Thomas Byers00:08
72Glacial ArrowLincoln Jaeger00:02
73Destroy WhooshChris Haigh00:07
74Fear HitChris Haigh00:06
75Disturbed SlamChris Haigh00:06
76God's AnvilLincoln Jaeger00:07
77Metallic Beast SlamChris Haigh00:10
78Chemical SlamChris Haigh00:05
79Ghost SlamDaniel Thomas Byers00:09
80Iron WorksDaniel Thomas Byers00:10
81I Eat BassMatthew Welch00:28
82Soul WrencherMatthew Welch00:21
83Fallout SlamChris Haigh00:10
84Epic Damage RiseDaniel Thomas Byers00:17
85Mechanical Taiko SlamChris Haigh00:07