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Boneyard :: Trailer Music Info


Track Title
1Darkness And Light DrumsChris Field02:06
2Leviathan DrumsMichael Rubino00:52
3Leviathan Drums/FXMichael Rubino00:52
4In A Heart Beat Drums/FXInon Zur01:47
5Timeline DrumsChris Field01:46
6Conquest DrumsMark Griskey01:26
7The Warrior DrumsInon Zur01:37
8The Siege Drums/FXMitch Lijewski01:00
9Breach The Date DrumsMitch Lijewski00:13
10Miserere DrumsLior Rosner00:57
11Agnus Dei DrumsChris Field01:37
12Burning Religion DrumsChris Field01:18
13Return Of The King DrumsPaul Dinletir01:20
14Return Of The King Drums/FXPaul Dinletir01:22
15Gothic Monsters DrumsChris Field, Bernhard Groinig01:14
16Acts Of Courage DrumsChris Field01:30
17State Of Valor DrumsInon Zur01:53
18The Armada DrumsJustin R. Durban01:37
19Lost Kingdom DrumsMichael Rubino00:41
20Lost Kingdom Drums/FXMichael Rubino00:42
21Pandemic DrumsChris Field01:43
22Artifact DrumsMichael Rubino00:49
23Artifact Drums/FXMichael Rubino00:53
24Mystery Of Time DrumsInon Zur01:01
25The Resolution DrumsDori Amarilo01:47
26In Too Deep DrumsMichael Rubino00:42
27Hammer Of Crom Drums/FXMark Griskey01:16
28Desert Curse Drums/FXInon Zur01:21
29Eternal Demise DrumsMitch Lijewski02:27
30Legend Foretold DrumsDori Amarilo01:47
31Dawn Of A Dream DrumsLior Rosner01:04
32Dawn Of A Dream Speed DrumsLior Rosner00:54
33Eden Voyage DrumsInon Zur01:48
34Primary Objective DrumsMichael Rubino00:43
35X-planet DrumsChris Field01:22
36X-panet Speed DrumsChris Field01:16
37Peak DrumsOded Tzur01:19
38The Mutiny DrumsChris Field01:55
39Pirates Cures DrumsJim Crew01:36
40Pirates Of The Day DrumsInon Zur01:46
41High Seas Adventure DrumsMark Griskey00:32
42Dueling Blades DrumsJustin R. Durban01:05
43Walk The Plank Speed DrumsTim Stithem01:25
44Walk The Plank DrumsTim Stithem01:38
45Origins Of War Speed DrumsLior Rosner01:20
46Origins Of War DrumsLior Rosner01:35
47Narrow Margin DrumsMitch Lijewski01:10
48Narrow Margin Speed DrumsMitch Lijewski01:05
Track Title
1Olympia DrumsChris Field01:48
2Titans DrumsMichael Rubino00:50
3Titans Drums/FXMichael Rubino00:50
4De-Composed Drums/FXMitch Lijewski01:30
5Shadow Bridge DrumsMichael Rubino00:56
6Shadow Bridge Drums/FXMichael Rubino00:56
7Assassins DrumsMichael Rubino00:45
8Assassins Drums/FXMichael Rubino00:48
9Scream Again DrumsJim Crew01:08
10Scream Again Drums/FXJim Crew01:15
11Rankle Drums/FXMitch Lijewski00:37
12Bigfoot DrumsJim Crew02:07
13Bigfoot Drums RemixJim Crew02:10
14Bigfoot Drums/FX RemixJim Crew02:10
15The Blitz DrumsMichael Rubino00:53
16The Blitz Drums/FXMichael Rubino00:57
17The Blitz Speed DrumsMichael Rubino00:46
18The Blitz Speed Drums/FXMichael Rubino00:50
19Ripple Effect Drums/FXMitch Lijewski01:32
20Ripple Effect Speed Drums/FXMitch Lijewski01:25
21Dethrone The King Drums/FXPaul Dinletir01:14
22The Final Exit DrumsChris Field, Bernhard Groinig01:18
23The Final Exit Speed DrumsChris Field, Bernhard Groinig01:09
24Fantasmica DrumsChris Field01:25
25Fantasmica Drums/BassChris Field01:25
26Project X DrumsChris Field, Bernhard Groinig00:57
27Project X Speed DrumsChris Field, Bernhard Groinig00:52
28Giant Slayer No Mercy DrumsChris Field, Bernhard Groinig01:29
29Giant Slayer DrumsChris Field, Bernhard Groinig01:21
30Giant Slayer Speed DrumsChris Field, Bernhard Groinig01:13
31Ghost In The Machine DrumsChris Field, Bernhard Groinig00:57
32Ghost In The Machine Drums RemixChris Field, Bernhard Groinig00:59
33Ghost In The Machine Drums TechnoChris Field, Bernhard Groinig01:13
34Massive Assault Drums/FXMitch Lijewski, Bernhard Groinig01:01
35Massive Assault Speed Drums/FXMitch Lijewski, Bernhard Groinig00:55
36Conquest Speed DrumsMark Griskey01:08
37Hellbringer DrumsChris Field00:57
38Kaara DrumsPaul Dinletir01:40
39Kaara Drums/FXPaul Dinletir01:40
40Ambush Drums/FXMark Griskey01:11
41Soldiers Of Steel DrumsLior Rosner01:21
42Vengeance DrumsJustin R. Durban01:00
43Evil Force DrumsChris Field, Bernhard Groinig01:51
44Evil Force Drums RemixChris Field, Bernhard Groinig00:51
45Hellish DrumsInon Zur01:47
46Derailed DrumsChris Field01:26
47Too Many Notes DrumsPaul Dinletir01:09
48Too Many Notes Drums/FXPaul Dinletir01:09
49CIA Escape Drums/FXMark Griskey01:26
50:60 To Impact DrumsTim Stithem01:07
51The Cover-up DrumsDori Amarilo01:05
52Breaking Point DrumsOded Tzur01:36
53Breaking Point Speed DrumsOded Tzur01:29
54Trailer Drums From HellMark Griskey00:45
55Trailer Drums From Hell SpeedMark Griskey00:38
56Percussion ConclussionTim Stithem01:20
57Battle Cry DrumsMark Griskey01:02
58Baptism Of FireLior Rosner01:07
59Bells From HellLior Rosner01:03