Release Date:
September 16, 2008

Total Tracks: 50

Total Lenght: 1:31:01

Track Title
1AshesNick Phoenix02:13
2Black HatN/A02:00
3Burn Baby (No Piano)Thomas Bergersen01:22
4Burn Baby (Piano)Thomas Bergersen01:30
5CrawlspaceNick Phoenix00:47
6Crossword KillerNick Phoenix02:10
8Deck the Halls with BloodThomas Bergersen02:11
9Executive DecisionThomas Bergersen02:28
10Exhumed (No Laughter)Thomas Bergersen02:44
11ExhumedThomas Bergersen02:44
12Final CorridorN/A01:46
13Flashes of Terror (No Drums)Nick Phoenix01:29
14Flashes of TerrorNick Phoenix01:28
15Fragments of DeceptionN/A02:08
16Frozen Paths (No Drums)N/A02:13
17Frozen PathsN/A02:13
18Green Hill MassacreNick Phoenix01:37
19Helevator (FX Only)N/A02:00
20HelevatorNick Phoenix02:09
21Horror By Design 1N/A00:37
22Horror By Design 2N/A00:21
23Horror By Design 3N/A00:30
24Jocelyn JansonNick Phoenix01:44
25Kiss of NightThomas Bergersen01:32
26London 1920Thomas Bergersen01:36
27Madnophone (FX Only)Nick Phoenix01:37
28MadnophoneNick Phoenix01:36
29Moving Shadows IIThomas Bergersen01:59
30Photos in DarknessNick Phoenix02:23
31Point Of No ReturnN/A01:39
32Raven HillN/A01:34
33Run For Your Limbs (NC)N/A01:19
34Run For Your LimbsN/A01:19
35Severe MedicationThomas Bergersen01:59
37Something Wicked LurksThomas Bergersen01:11
38Split PersonalityNick Phoenix01:31
39Stumpy (FX Only)Nick Phoenix02:16
40StumpyNick Phoenix02:16
41Suburban LegendN/A02:24
42Surrounding The ChurchThomas Bergersen01:12
43Swing-set MurdersNick Phoenix01:44
44Take Me To Hell (FX Only)Nick Phoenix01:59
45Take Me To HellNick Phoenix02:17
46The ChopperN/A02:29
47Time is FleetingThomas Bergersen02:27
48Twisted ChildrenThomas Bergersen01:23
49Zombie Train (No Drums)Nick Phoenix02:19
50Zombie TrainNick Phoenix02:20