All Drums Go To Hell

All Drums Go To Hell



Release Date:
July 09, 2007

Total Tracks: 64

Total Lenght: 1:15:25

Track Title
1Armored CarsNick Phoenix01:16
2Barrage of NoiseThomas Bergersen01:19
3BionicsNick Phoenix01:10
4Border PatrolThomas Bergersen01:24
5Building JumperNick Phoenix01:34
6Carnival From HellThomas Bergersen01:01
7Chasing the DragonThomas Bergersen01:27
8Code of HonorThomas Bergersen00:32
9Dance With The DevilNick Phoenix00:59
10Death Came Early That YearThomas Bergersen01:04
11Desert RunnerNick Phoenix01:35
12Desperate ProtocolNick Phoenix01:06
13Diabolic ClockworkThomas Bergersen01:55
14Disturbing PowerNick Phoenix00:55
15Emperor's AssassinNick Phoenix01:22
16ExtinctionNick Phoenix01:39
17Fists of SteelThomas Bergersen00:45
18Flight From The MonasteryNick Phoenix01:19
19Foreign IdentityNick Phoenix01:14
20Freedom ArmyThomas Bergersen00:55
21Guerilla Raid (Instrumental)Thomas Bergersen00:36
22Guerilla RaidThomas Bergersen01:01
23Hara-KiriNick Phoenix00:47
24Hellraiser BrigadeThomas Bergersen01:52
25Hidden IdentityNick Phoenix01:28
26HyperbugNick Phoenix00:40
27Images of HorrorThomas Bergersen00:27
28Impending FuryNick Phoenix01:18
29Industrial MayhemThomas Bergersen01:38
30Iridium FactorNick Phoenix01:20
31Jun MaiNick Phoenix00:49
32Jungle FeverThomas Bergersen00:37
33KamakuraNick Phoenix00:48
34Lord of Two LandsThomas Bergersen01:52
35Norwegian DevilThomas Bergersen00:55
36Nuclear Meltdown (Electronica)Thomas Bergersen00:48
37Nuclear MeltdownThomas Bergersen00:48
38Oedipus RaaxNick Phoenix01:00
39Off The CliffNick Phoenix00:39
40Operation Sandstorm (Instrumental)Thomas Bergersen02:25
41Operation SandstormThomas Bergersen01:03
42Path of DestructionNick Phoenix01:00
43Raging HordeThomas Bergersen00:33
44Rampant CarnageNick Phoenix00:58
45Rocket HammerNick Phoenix01:05
46Run Like HellNick Phoenix01:17
47Second ComingNick Phoenix00:57
48Secret IslandNick Phoenix01:16
49Shoot to Kill (Instrumental)Thomas Bergersen02:17
50Shoot to KillThomas Bergersen01:15
51Skull CrusherThomas Bergersen01:42
52SleepwalkerThomas Bergersen00:31
53Smoke EmNick Phoenix01:13
54Sudden StrikeThomas Bergersen01:00
55Tagged RendezvousThomas Bergersen01:05
56Terror TunnelsNick Phoenix01:03
57Toxic RainThomas Bergersen01:57
58TriassicNick Phoenix00:56
59Uganda and SouthNick Phoenix01:08
60Ultimate CountdownNick Phoenix01:16
61VoltensteinNick Phoenix01:52
62Wave of DeathThomas Bergersen01:26
63WitchburnerNick Phoenix01:50
64Zoologic StampedeThomas Bergersen00:26